Diploma in Vocational Nursing

Program Description
This program contains anatomy and physiology, nutrition, psychology, normal growth and development, nursing fundamentals, nursing process, communication, client education, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, communicable diseases, gerontological nursing, rehabilitation nursing, maternity nursing, pediatric nursing, leadership, supervision, ethics and unethical conduct, critical thinking, culturally congruent care, and end-of-life care concepts (VN Practice Act art. 5, sec. 2533). It is composed of five levels, namely:

Level I – where the novice student nurse is introduced to entry-level competencies that promote safety and effective care environment.

Level II – where the beginner student nurse is trained to master entry-level competencies while being presented care concepts that promote psychosocial integrity.

Level III – where the competent student nurse skillfully masters competencies that support physiological integrity.

Level IV – where the proficient student nurse integrates mastered care concepts that foster physiological and psychosocial integrity.

Level V – where the expert student nurse critiques, develops, and implements client-centered care plans that respond to the health promotion and maintenance needs of clients with complex conditions.


Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

The program outcome of Pacific College Vocational Nursing program reflects the mission, philosophy, and conceptual framework of program.  The VN graduate of Pacific College must be equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to continuously improve the quality and safety of the health care systems where they work.  

 To achieve this program outcome, the VN graduate must meet the programs terminal objectives.  The foundation of these terminal objectives are the quality and safety competencies outlined by the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project.  These competencies target the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for future nurses to continuously improve the quality and safety of the healthcare systems where they work. The competencies are:

1. Client-Centered Care

2. Safety

3. Evidence-Based Practice

4. Quality Improvement

5. Teamwork and Collaboration

6. Informatics 

The client needs categories of the NCLEX-PN Test Plan have also guided the development of these terminal objectives.  These categories are: 1. Safe and Effective Care Environment

2. Health Promotion and Maintenance

3. Psychosocial Integrity

4. Physiological integrity

Admissions Requirements
The admissions requirements listed below have been established for students entering the Vocational Nursing Program at Pacific College:

See Health, Physical, and Physiological Requirements on pg. 57 of our course catalog.

Career Opportunities
The primary focus for a Vocational Nurse is restoration of health. The scope of this care ranges from detection of illness to rehabilitation and patient teaching during recovery. Duties and responsibilities include direct patient care, the administration of medication, and the application of procedures and treatments. Vocational Nurses work with a wide variety of people ranging from children to the elderly in a wide variety of medical setting such as the medical office, acute care hospitals and medical centers, skilled nursing facilities, out-patient centers, and private and government health care agencies. Upon successful completion of the program and upon successfully passing the State of California Vocational Nursing Licensure Exam, the student will be eligible to work in an entry-level position as a License Vocational Nurse.

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