Master of Business Management

Master of Business Management

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment then you probably know that distinguishing yourself from the competition and getting on your boss’s good side is not easy. Fortunately, an Master of Business Management (MBM) can help! It lets your boss know that you have that something extra that will allow them to trust you and put you in charge of a team or other important responsibilities.


The MBM is open to graduates in all fields of the humanities, arts, engineering, science and business. Students are not required to have prior work experience. The MBM program provides instruction and application of skills and knowledge that represent the ways in which businesses operate in a competitive and global business environment. Graduates will be equipped with skills that can suit many different positions, industries, and organizations. Coursework is designed to integrate information and theories from management and leadership, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, business law, human resources, ethics, and information systems to develop broadly educated graduates who fully understand how businesses operate and can apply tools and techniques to a wide variety of domestic and international business situations.


Students will develop skills around a variety of subjects including finance, accounting, marketing, economics and more!


The program is delivered fully online. The student does not need to attend any in-person meetings or class visits.



Program Learning Outcomes for the Master of Science in Business Management Program

  • Demonstrate critical and creative thinking in performing professional research.
  • Access, evaluate, use, and disseminate information for use in business decision making.
  • Demonstrate leadership and teambuilding skills.
  • Apply a global perspective of business management practices.
  • Demonstrate the importance of social responsibility in making ethical business decisions.
  • Utilize effective communication skills and strong interpersonal skills.


Admission Requirements

Any accredited Bachelor’s Degree is acceptable for admittance to the program.


Admission to the MBM program will require completion of an accredited baccalaureate degree with at least a 2.0 GPA. Students will need to provide official transcripts as proof of this completion.


Speak with an admissions representative for more details.



Course List

BUS 501 – Leadership and Management Concepts (3 units)

BUS 502 – Organizational Environment (3 units)

BUS 503 – Global Business (3 units)

BUS 504 – Strategic Business Planning (3 units)

BUS 505 – Business Law and Ethical Practices (3 units)

BUS 511 – Marketing Management (3 units)

BUS 521 – Financial Management Concepts (3 units)

BUS 522 – Financial Accounting and Analysis (3 units)

BUS 541 – Management of Information Systems (3 units)

BUS 551 – Human Resources Planning and Evaluation (3 units)

BUS 591 – Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making (3 units)

BUS 599 – Capstone Seminar (3 units)


The total number of units required to complete the program is 36 semester units.