Mission and Philosophy

Pacific College is committed to providing the highest standards in education by striving to foster a continuous process of intellectual growth, character development, and academic integrity to achieve professional and personal success in the student’s chosen profession.

Pacific College is committed to the following Institutional Learning Outcomes:

“Education is our ‘number one’ priority.” Using a ‘team’ approach, the academic needs of each student will be embraced. The student will understand that learning is a life-long process, based on critical thinking.

Vision Statement

Pacific College is recognized as a progressive learning environment where the values of professionalism, altruism, collaboration, and a sense of personal and professional identity are the primary objectives for inclusion as a member of a global and diverse community.


Professionalism – As an individual or institution, we demonstrate professionalism in everything we do.
Altruism – As an individual or institution, we practice the principle of unselfish concern for the wellness of others.
Community – As an individual or institution, we share responsibility for the welfare of our community.
Identity – As an individual or institution, we strive to establish a sense of true being that will determine our future.
Fulfillment – As an individual or institution, we create an environment where academic and professional goals can be achieved.
Inclusion – As an individual or institution, we embrace differences to promote full participation and a sense of belonging.
Collaboration – As an individual or institution, we work as a team to realize shared goals.

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