Letter from the President

Celebrating 20 Years of Academic Excellence and Student Success

William L. Nelson, President, Pacific College

Celebrating student success has been our top priority here at Pacific College. We recognize that each student is unique with their own needs and goals. We strive to prepare and equip students with the professional skills for an evolving global society. These skills include core ingredients of critical thinking, effective decision making, ethics and leadership. Smaller class size allows for more meaningful student engagement, thus strengthening student confidence in a nurturing environment. Members of the faculty represent some of the best educators in their fields of study. They are dedicated to challenging our students while empowering them to realize their limitless potential and thus achieve their dreams and make a difference.

As Pacific College continues to grow, we will remain just as focused as ever to our commitment for academic excellence and student success. We will develop new academic programs that inspire greater student engagement, professional development and life-long learning. I encourage you to discover why students choose Pacific College for a high-quality, affordable, and valuable education. It has been stated that “education is the passport” that allows one to travel through and navigate our society. I am proud to say that now, Pacific College is willing and able to assist you in earning that passport for the 21st century.

Welcome to Pacific College! We believe you can achieve your goal. We will do everything we can to ensure you receive the support needed to succeed.

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